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Social & Mobile Interactive Business Card & Contact Manager

Get your innovative social/mobile business card today and network faster and easier than you EVER have in your life!

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Never lose a lead again! Lost phones and business cards can seriuosly damage your income!

Frustrated businessman who has lost all his printed cards. With a 411card virtual card, this would not happen
With 411Card, contacts are stored on 'the cloud' so you can access your contacts from a phone or pc anywhere, anytime.
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Act now to receive your $685 (annual) Value Package for just $88.00! That's right, less than 25 cents per day!

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Elsewhere, every year you'll spend:411Card
Online CRM System ($30 Monthly) $360.00Included
Printed cards$50.00Not needed
Web-based business card ($10 monthly)$120.00Included
Mobile-Based business card ($10 monthly)$120.00Included
QR Code Generator (each use)$35.00Included
All in one annual fee for all the above$685.00$88

Here's how easy it is to get started:

Step #1

Step #2
Build your card in minutes!
411Card does what standard business cards can't!
Icon for the videos that you can easilly include in your 411CardInclude video!
icon for one click phoningOne click phone calls
Icon for one click messagingOne click messaging
icon of a map, whcih can link to your locationOne click map & directions
Animated icon showing all the main social media sites that yuor 411card can link toOne click to social media
Icon showing you can recieve notes from people viewing your cardReceive notes sent to your contact manager
Icon showing the scanning of a QR codeQuick scan QR to your 411Card
icon showing QR codesBuild your own QR Codes
icon showing all contacts kept on one placeKeeps your contacts in one easy location
Step #3
Share your contacts
from phone - text, email, qr code, social media
from a print card with qr code
from e-Mail signature file
from a print card with address link
through social media
Step #4
Manage your contacts
from a smartphone
from a computer
Step #5
Make Money (optional)
sign up a friend and get $4.11
become a reseller and earn monthlyor annually!

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